This post showcases some of my favourite garments I received this Christmas. This includes my big faux fur fluffy coat and my chunky ankle boots. These are both from Quiz and were both at such a great price. Not only does the coat keep you cosy but it keeps you so warm even during the coldest of days. There's nothing better than putting this coat on after a long tiring day at work and you know you have a cold dingy walk back to the car. It is just as good as putting your onesie on as soon as you get home. This soft faux fur coat also features two pockets and a button up detail along the middle. 

One thing that I definitely needed this Christmas was good winter ready shoes. After moving back to the countryside a couple of years ago, I have to encounter many wet muddy roads on a regular basis. All my winter shoes that I have purchased previously were not adequate for these conditions as you never encounter muddy roads in London town. These shoes are perfect because they can be easily cleaned, they're thick, water proof have a good stable heel for uneven paths. The chunky heel is always an added benefit as you have already guessed, I'm not exactly tall. Even though I always embrace my height ... or lack of it, a heel always makes me feel that little bit more girly and fabulous. 


To much of our delight, us Brits have witnessed one of the warmest Decembers on record this winter and it's been a nice surprise. This means we haven't have to dig out our big bulky coats from last year yet and have the opportunity to wear our thinner coats within our wardrobe collection. This hasn't been the greatest news for many retail giants as big coats still remain in their stock rooms. However winter isn't quite over yet. This winter I've been able to get the wear out of one of my favourite duster coats from Topshop's petite section. This thin yet practical coat is perfect to wear both day and night as well as smart and casual. For this shoot I've decided to wear it with a more casual outfit and as you can see, the coat still gives the look a smart touch to it. This duster also includes deep pockets which can be handy to pop your phone in without the worry of it falling out.

I love the detail of the top I am wearing which is also from Topshop's petite section. The crimped detail stays perfectly intact wash after wash after wash. As this top is the length of a crop top, I have chosen to wear high waisted jeans as it is without a doubt not warm enough to have my stomach out. To finish the look I've added my go-to shoes, my converse. As you can probably see, they have been well warn. I love them because they go with everything and they are so comfortable too. Another great thing about these trainers are that they can easily been thrown into the washing machine once they start to get a bit grubby. So there's no need to be paranoid while walking through muddy streets with these on.  

COAT - Topshop / TOP - Topshop / JEANS - Topshop / SHOES - Converse