Waking up with the sun shining through the window can only mean Spring has finally arrived. Although in England we know fully well it won't be long until the rain returns, there's no harm making the most of the sun while we can. This means baring our pale arms and legs hoping to get the slightest amount of Vitamin D to our skin. It was time to dust off our sunglasses and leave the house without clutching a coat and scarf. 

Spring has always been my favourite season for fashion. I am in love with pastel colours and colourful garments. Mix and matching colours is always a great way to make fashion fun and always gets me into a summery mood. For this outfit I decided to match yellow and navy together to contrast the lightness and darkness of the two colours. Although matching colours in outfits must be completed with caution, it doesn't mean you have to stick to similar colours. It can be light with dark, pastel with bold or two complete different bright colours together. It will mean lots of experimenting but who doesn't love a little fashion show in our bedrooms! A small brown belt was added to the navy skater skirt to break up the two colours. For the rest of the outfit I decided to use neutral colours as I feel more colour would become too much. Pink shoes, bag and sunglasses completed the outfit while sticking to the colourful theme. 

TOP - Primark / SKIRT - Desire / SHOES - New Look / SUNGLASSES - River Island / BAG - New Look / BELT - Desire / BRA - Forever 21


 What I love about my job at Jane Norman is that I can bring my own style to my work clothes each day. With the shop covered in bright and colourful clothes for the summer, I knew I needed to reflect this in my work wear. Dressing smartly doesn't mean you can't have fun with the clothes you pick. Bright colours, patterns and textures can all be played with to create great smart style. As seen on many of the catwalks during London Fashion Week, I decided to stick to a bright colour for today's look.

Waterfall blazers are the height of fashion this season and this detail can be found on other garments such as jackets. The colour coral has regularly been seen throughout many high street stores in the recent months. What is great about this colour is that it is a bright colour, ideal for this season, without being too vibrant. To balance out this colour, I've decided to stick to monochrome colours for the rest of the outfit. Being an outfit for work, I always choose leggings or jeggings over jeans. Comfort and flexibility is important as I am constanstly bending down sorting clothes and running up and down ladders. Ballet pumps are also great for the work place as they are subtle yet practical while being on your feet all day. 

BLAZER - New Look / TOP - New Look / TROUSERS - River Island / SHOES - New Look / WATCH - River Island


Although we were born and bred in the quiet countryside, we are city girls by heart. People say home is where the heart is but I can't help but feel that my heart belongs in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London. While having a quick browse through the New Look jewellery sale, this necklace suddenly caught my eye. Seeing the word 'London' on the necklace meant I knew I had to buy it as it relates to my life. Anyone who knows me knows how much I'm in love with the big city and hopefully one day I will be able to call London my home again. 

Strolling around our village, I decided to stick to a more casual outfit. Throwing on a baggy jumper over a basic outfit will allow you to look stylish without having to put much thought into it. This jumper is from the Topshop Basic range and is available in a range of colours. I feel this colour of jumper best suits people with dark hair and therefore blonde hair people would need a different coloured jumper to compliment their hair. Dark coloured jeans flatter the darkness of the jumper and white Plimsolls adds a bit of light colour without becoming overpowering. Lastly I decided to add a bold necklace to break up the basic look of the outfit, and what better necklace is there than one with the name of my favourite city.

JUMPER - Topshop / JEANS - Primark / SHOES - Vans / NECKLACE - New Look


Spring has officially arrived, but here in England there is still a chill in the air. This means it isn't often that we can leave the house without a coat or jacket. Most retail shops are currently displaying their Spring/Summer clothes on their rails, however it isn't near warm enough to wear them. This doesn't mean we can't mix the latest clothes with our winter wear. 

As this jacket is fake leather, it means it can be used as a waterproof coat. England is notorious for the rain and therefore this jacket will become very handy. As the rest of the outfit has dark or basic colours, I chose to add a pop of bright colour with my jumper. I made sure a small section of my jumper was pulled out past the sleeves of the jacket to allow more colour to be shown. Bright colours were seen regularly on the catwalks of every fashion week around the world. Although it isn't quite warm enough for bright coloured summer clothes, we can still integrate it into our outfits to stay up to date with fashion. To match the jacket I wore dark jeans and white shoes as the jumper added enough bright colour to the outfit.

JACKET - Boohoo / JUMPER - ASOS /  JEANS - Primark / SHOES - Vans


One lazy Sunday afternoon, some of my close friends and I decided to head to our local Primark in Lewisham. All of a sudden I hear my best friend shout "LORENNN!" at the top of her voice as she runs over holding this blazer. As soon as I saw the Panda detail, I had to have it. Being from Primark you know you won't be faced with a huge price tag, which was handy as I was a student at the time. A student living London meant little money, so finding great bargains was vital. 

What I love about this blazer is that the pandas aren't overwhelming which keeps the blazer looking sophisticated. This means you can still wear this to the most formal events. Even though the detail on the blazer is subtle, I feel the rest of the outfit should be kept simple. Therefore I added a plain white vest top and a pair of jeans. For footwear I chose brown flats for a smart/casual look. A pair of plain black heels could be warn instead for a smarter occasion such as a night out. 

BLAZER - Primark / TOP - River Island / JEANS - New Look / SHOES - New Look / WATCH - River Island



Since a young age I have always been obsessed with all things American, so I am enjoying all the American sports wear in the High Street shops. Being a sportsmen myself, these style of clothes perfectly suit my personality and interests. We couldn't think of a better place for this shoot than at the local sports court. Thankfully the sun was out, although the wind was against us, we couldn't wait to start shooting again. 

The iconic style of the baseball top doesn't just stay on the baseball pitch, both men and women can wear these tops walking down the street while looking fashionable. These tops can be dressed up for going out, but today I have decided to keep it looking casual. Sticking to the American theme, I paired this top with jeans and a pair of Vans as Americans are famous for their 't-shirt and jeans' combination. 

TOP - New Look / JEGGINGS - New Look / SHOES - Vans / WATCH - River Island


Sorry for the lack of posting! Its been a crazy couple of weeks for both Loren and I, between juggling work, shoots and our busy schedules it's been hard to find any spare time to blog.

Recently we had some exciting news, our blog has been announced as a finalist in the UK Blog Awards under the 'Retail & Fashion' category. Thank you to everybody who voted for us, we are thrilled to have been selected amongst a group of really great bloggers, all of which deserve the title. Is anybody else planning on going to the awards ceremony? 

In other news we have been busy planning our next adventure. There will be macarons, striped bretons and lots of baguettes. Can you guess where it could be? I imagine there will be lots of failed attempts at trying to recall any semblance of basic communication from our school days, many years ago.

We are now recharged, and ready to dive back into the blogosphere!