One lazy Sunday afternoon, some of my close friends and I decided to head to our local Primark in Lewisham. All of a sudden I hear my best friend shout "LORENNN!" at the top of her voice as she runs over holding this blazer. As soon as I saw the Panda detail, I had to have it. Being from Primark you know you won't be faced with a huge price tag, which was handy as I was a student at the time. A student living London meant little money, so finding great bargains was vital. 

What I love about this blazer is that the pandas aren't overwhelming which keeps the blazer looking sophisticated. This means you can still wear this to the most formal events. Even though the detail on the blazer is subtle, I feel the rest of the outfit should be kept simple. Therefore I added a plain white vest top and a pair of jeans. For footwear I chose brown flats for a smart/casual look. A pair of plain black heels could be warn instead for a smarter occasion such as a night out. 

BLAZER - Primark / TOP - River Island / JEANS - New Look / SHOES - New Look / WATCH - River Island