Although we were born and bred in the quiet countryside, we are city girls by heart. People say home is where the heart is but I can't help but feel that my heart belongs in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London. While having a quick browse through the New Look jewellery sale, this necklace suddenly caught my eye. Seeing the word 'London' on the necklace meant I knew I had to buy it as it relates to my life. Anyone who knows me knows how much I'm in love with the big city and hopefully one day I will be able to call London my home again. 

Strolling around our village, I decided to stick to a more casual outfit. Throwing on a baggy jumper over a basic outfit will allow you to look stylish without having to put much thought into it. This jumper is from the Topshop Basic range and is available in a range of colours. I feel this colour of jumper best suits people with dark hair and therefore blonde hair people would need a different coloured jumper to compliment their hair. Dark coloured jeans flatter the darkness of the jumper and white Plimsolls adds a bit of light colour without becoming overpowering. Lastly I decided to add a bold necklace to break up the basic look of the outfit, and what better necklace is there than one with the name of my favourite city.

JUMPER - Topshop / JEANS - Primark / SHOES - Vans / NECKLACE - New Look