For this outfit, we decided to shoot at the top of the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral. These steps are iconic and have been used as a set in many famous films including Disney's Mary Poppins. St. Paul's Cathedral is located near the River Thames and is a walkable distance from other well-known London landmarks such as Big Ben and the London Eye. By the time we started shooting it was heading towards sunset. This was handy for us as there wasn't many people around for us to be distracted by.

This style of shirt is very popular among many celebrities. It has been spotted on the likes of Harry Styles, Victoria Beckham and Pixie Lott to name a few. The version worn by the famous was designed by Burberry, costing a wopping £360. Luckily for us non-celebrities the high street are selling their own version, costing us over 20 times less at under £20. Mixing prints can either go very right or very wrong. Here I feel that these prints go well together as the lace effect on the trousers is very discreet. This means it doesn't take the attention away from the heart pattern seen on the shirt. The gold zip subtly adds a pop of colour to the black and white outfit. Finish the look with a simple pair of heels as this outfit already contains a large amount of detail. 

SHIRT - New Look / TROUSERS - New Look / HEELS - New Look


Photos by Laura Howell

This is our first shoot in the big city and for both of us, we couldn't wait to shoot here. We both studied our Master degrees in London and moving here just after my 21st birthday was by far the best decision I've made. Both growing up on the same road in a small countryside village, London was a big change for us. We love the Westminster area, and it is a great place to go to as most of London's famous landmarks are only a short walk away. 

The coat in this post is faux fur as we are strongly against wearing real fur being animal lovers. It works well dressing up basic outfits while keeping yourself really warm. Personally I feel this nude colour is best for girls with dark hair, although it would still look great with lighter hair. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple as I see the coat as a statement piece. Therefore I wore a little plain black dress underneath which was a bargain at only £5. As well as this, I added plain black heels to keep the rest of the outfit simple.


Photos by Laura Howell

Visiting Vatican City was our last adventure while in Rome. We spent the morning exploring their museum and then decided to take the climb up St. Peter's Basilica. Half way up there was a viewing balcony that looking into the church. This building is ruled by The Pope and is still one of the largest churches in the world. This snug outfit is great at keeping you warm during the winter months. I decided to buy this jumper in a much larger size as I felt it would be more cosy and comfortable to wear. To give you an idea on the size, I am a UK size 6 and this jumper is a UK size 12. I think jeans are the best garment to pair with the jumper as it keeps it casual. Lastly I added Ugg Boots as they add even more comfort to this look.

After walking up a total of over 500 steps, we made it to the top of St. Peters to see a breath-taking view. You could see the whole of St. Peter's Square and the beautiful buildings across Rome. Unfortunately after a short while, we had to take the walk back down to the ground as it was time to catch a plane back to rainy England. Ciao for now Rome!

JUMPER - New Look / JEANS - Primark / BOOTS - Primark



Strolling through beautiful Rome, we came across this area while making our way back to the city centre. It was lovely to find a peaceful place after spending the last few days in the middle of the hustle and bustle. The bridge that you can see in the background of this shoot is called The Ponte Sant'Angelo, which is situated in between the Vatican and the city centre. With only a couple of runners jogging past, we thought this was the perfect time to shoot. 

This simple yet stylist outfit is great for a number of occasions. It is smart enough for formal situations, yet it can be warn more casually such as when meeting up with friends for a drink. The burgundy colour in the shirt is great for girls with brunette hair, and it can also be found in a range of colours and styles if this doesn't take your fancy. For this colour of shirt, it would be best to wear a more darker colour when picking the jeans. Finish this look by adding a type of flat shoe that reflects the situation you are wearing this look for. A smart type of shoe, such as the one used in this post, for a formal situation or white plimsolls for the more casual look.

SHIRT - Primark / JEANS - New Look / SHOES - New Look