We can safely say that the cold winter weather has arrived here in England. With the news constantly predicting snow any day now, it's time that we stocked up on our winter accessories. We need to look after our health after all, so why not do that while looking fabulous! Here I have created a wishlist especially for this season, including the latest must-have scarfs, gloves and hats. Accessories are great to dress up any outfit whilst keeping us extra warm. You can try all of these items on in the shop at the drop of a hat (see what I did there) without having to queue for the fitting rooms. The great things about accessories is that we can easily mix and match them to make an outfit look completely different every time. If you would like to know where each garment is from and their prices, click the links below.


This trench coat is a great look while walking around the miserable weather. With the gloomy evenings, it's really hard to find a suitable place to shoot before it gets dark, hence we ended up wandering around in the rain; (completely unintentional) but actually  made an interesting shoot. The trench coat was designed by Burberry in the early 1900s, which has now become an iconic statement piece for the company. 100 years later, this style of coat is still a classic English look. This coat is ideal to throw      over any outfit, wear it with a chunky knit for a cosy winter look. 

   COAT - New Look / JEGGINGS - New Look / SHOES - Primark / UMBRELLA - Amazon


After strolling through the local town, we came across what we thought was a quiet road. It was just typical that when we started shooting, cars drove down the road every minute. This is a great casual look that keeps you warm throughout the winter months. The cardigan is easy to throw on if you are walking to the shops but still nice enough to wear when you are meeting up with your friends. I prefer to wear jeggings over jeans because I find them a lot more comfortable and I don't enjoy having my movement restricted (probably the dancer in me). Throw on a bag to complete the look, and by the way I don't what my feet are doing in the last photo!

CARDIGAN - River Island / BAG - Abercrombie & Fitch / JEGGINGS - New Look / SHOES - Vans / VEST - New Look


As the cold weather has definitely hit England, it's time to get our winter coats out. This rainy drizzle is horrible and we're doing everything we can to be hiding away indoors. I love the fur-like collar on this coat which acts like a scarf. The belt also allows to show or create the illusion of an hour-glass figure which you can't always do with coats. A simple ankle boot can smarten up this look and for a more casual outfit, wear a ballet pump or plimsolls. 

COAT - New Look / JEGGINGS - New Look / SHOES - New Look


I gather most of my style inspiration from celebritys' wardrobes. I draw ideas from looking through magazines and their social media accounts. Even though celebrities are spending the same amount of money I spend on two years worth of food on one pair of shoes, high street fashion usually copies designer clothes. This means we can look as good as they do for a fraction of the price.

When I'm not blogging, I work along side celebrities in their music videos and films. This means I get styled by their stylists on a regular occassion and I can see their entire wardrobes. I'll let you into a little secret, most of their clothes used on shoots are high street! I'm talking about shops like Primark, and sometimes we have to keep our labels in so they can take it back the next day! Sneaky. 

So below are pictures of a few celebrities I find most of my inspiration from. If you also do this, you need to take into account a few considerations. These include; hair colour, skin tone and body shape. This means even though it looks great on them, I might not look the same on you. But it's great fun to experiment, and even though we might not always get it correct (I certainly don't) just look as it as a learning curve. You never know you might discover something that you thought didn't looked good totally works (hello trendsetter). 


Fishtail braids look best with that slept-in look, try teasing a few strands and messing it up for added texture. To do this look at home, follow these easy steps:

1. Divide your hair into two sections by parting down the middle.
2. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section over the top and into the     other section.
3. Repeat this with section on the right hand side.
4. Keep alternating sides until you reach the bottom.
5. Tie the hair at the end with a bobble.

This is a quick and easy way to make your hair look gorgeous if you need to tie it up, or if you're having a bad hair day. It can be for both smart or casual occasions, and this style will keep your hair looking neat from day to night.


Living in a county famous for it's countryside, we regularly stumble across places like this just outside our door. This smart/casual look can be great for a number of occasions. The spike detail brings an edgy look to this outfit without it becoming over powering. I am always rolling my jeans above my ankles, which I feel brings personality to my outfits while keeping it fashionable. 

Shirt - Desire / Jeans - Primark / Shoes - New Look / Belt - New Look / Bra - New Look


If it wasn't for the empty beaches you might think these were taken in the middle of summer, but surprisingly it was only a couple of weeks ago! I'm in love with the look of a top tucked into something high waisted. It feels quite 90's, yet still up to date with fashion. This top allows a peek-a-boo bra while keeping it looking classy. I think this outfit can be used during a summer evening or throughout autumn. A trip to the beach isn't complete without indulging in some sugary goodness, in the form of these delicious doughnuts.

Top - H&M / Jeans - Miss Guided / Bra - Forever 21 / Shoes - Vans