Photos by Laura Howell

Visiting Vatican City was our last adventure while in Rome. We spent the morning exploring their museum and then decided to take the climb up St. Peter's Basilica. Half way up there was a viewing balcony that looking into the church. This building is ruled by The Pope and is still one of the largest churches in the world. This snug outfit is great at keeping you warm during the winter months. I decided to buy this jumper in a much larger size as I felt it would be more cosy and comfortable to wear. To give you an idea on the size, I am a UK size 6 and this jumper is a UK size 12. I think jeans are the best garment to pair with the jumper as it keeps it casual. Lastly I added Ugg Boots as they add even more comfort to this look.

After walking up a total of over 500 steps, we made it to the top of St. Peters to see a breath-taking view. You could see the whole of St. Peter's Square and the beautiful buildings across Rome. Unfortunately after a short while, we had to take the walk back down to the ground as it was time to catch a plane back to rainy England. Ciao for now Rome!

JUMPER - New Look / JEANS - Primark / BOOTS - Primark