Rite of Spring

March is already here (where has this year gone?!), so this means spring is only just around the corner. When I think of spring, I love wearing pastel colours to wave goodbye to the winter blues. Pastel shades have been the height of spring fashion for the past few years, and I hope it is here to stay for a while. Being a brunette, I usually stick to the purple and green shades as I feel this matches my hair best. Blondes best suit blue and pink shades as other colours may make you look washed-out, especially if we're lacking our summer tans. As well as this, black and white combinations are making a regular appearance in retail shops. These can also be matched with our pastel shaded garments for more outfit choices. Last but not least a pair of twerk shorts because quite frankly, I love a twerk! If you would like to see where these pieces are from and their prices, click on the links displayed below.