Here we have briefly adventured out of Europe and entered Asia. These photos were taken in the garden of the Beylerbeyi Palace. Walking around the palace, there was room after room of beautiful designs fit for a king. Each room was huge filled with expensive furniture and paintings. The gardens were covered in flowers and plants as well as a fountain in the middle. We both said how we couldn't imagine living somewhere like this. 

These light-weight baggy trousers are ideal for the summer month or if you want to cover up while on holiday. These feature an elasticated hem around the ankles which are great for people like me who aren't the tallest people in the world. This prevents the trousers dragging a long the floor as this would damage the garment and wouldn't become a good look. I usual wear these trousers with either flip-flops or sandals, but as this day involved plenty of walking I decided to wear my comfy Vans. I then added a necklace full of spikes to give this outfit an extra bit of edge.

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