As the temperature drops, it's officially time to dust off our winter coats ready to face the next season upon us. I think it's a great idea to have a neutral colour when picking a coat as that way you will always be able to wear it over any outfit. I came across this coat in the petite section in New Look. The style of the coat gives it a smart look which means this coat will always make you look fashionable while you are trying to stay warm. Sometime coats can leave us looking a bit frumpy but this coat is styled and fitted smartly, and therefore will leave us looking lovely. 

As it has only just entered December, England isn't at it's coldest yet (unfortunately) but it does mean we don't need to dig out our hat, scarves and gloves just yet. Therefore, to keep the chill off my neck I've opted for a turtle neck jumper. This jumper from Topshop's petite section fits perfectly with the lapels of the coat. Nothing beats a cosy jumper during the thick of winter to keep you warm. To finish off this casual look, I added a pair of ripped skinny jean and brown ankle boots. Now you are winter ready!