Ah, Disney. The happiest place on Earth. A place where you can forget your troubles, ride rollercoasters until you feel dizzy and eat Mickey Mouse shaped food all day. What more could you want? The one thing I do find slightly difficult is finding the perfect outfit for the trip. You want to wear something Disney (of course), something nice and something you can walk 1000 miles in without your feet hurting . My feet were definitely in pain by the end as we managed to clock up nearly 40,000 steps each. That was according to my phone which was in my bag so I don't know how accurate that was as we could of easily done more. 

So first things first, Minnie ears. These ones I did buy from Disneyland in California, however they are available from all of the parks. I chose the lilac ones as purple is my favourite colour but I was still keeping it classic. Primark have such an amazing Disney range at the moment, and best of all, it's so CHEAP. I picked up this top with my life moto on it for just a tenner. For Disney, that's super cheap. The shorts I'm wearing are denim, which were ok but next time I will definitely go for something comfier. Being an adrenaline junkie, I was all about the big rides (and the fireworks at the end of the day). So sitting on all those rides in denim shorts soon became a bit uncomfortable. I finished off the outfit with some American 90s vibes. Calf-high American style socks and some Nike high tops, that remind me of Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2. Unfortantly they didn't tie up themselves ... I thought autolacing shoes we're sooo 2015 Doc?!

MINNIE EARS - Disneyland California / TOP - Primark / SHORTS - Topshop / SOCKS - American Apparel
SHOES - Nike / BACKPACK - Hollister