Hello!! Firstly, a big apology from our behalf for being away for so long. We've both been so busy with work, and then boom, it's been a year since we last posted. Life's been a bit of a whirlwind for us, my career in fashion has gone from Jane Norman, to Topshop and now I currently work at Quiz! You'll probably notice a lot of our future posts may feature clothes from these stores quite heavily, but with my hefty staff discount, you can't blame me buying what are now for me cheap clothes.

Now, where were we?! My favourite trends of S/S15 are lace, pastel colours and floral print. So as soon as I saw this co-ordinate crop top and skirt in our delivery at work (Quiz), I just HAD to have it. Co-ordinates have been the height of high street fashion for the last couple of years. Although together they do sometimes cost more than a one piece dress, you can mix and match them with other garments in your wardrobe for a range of occasions. So paying that little bit extra is always worth it. I quite offend make this look more causal by swapping the skirt for a pair of high-waisted jeans, or wear a basic cami and tuck it into the skirt. 

As this dress features a lot of floral detail, I decided not to add any accessories. I feel that if you did want to add additional pieces of jewelry with this look, I would stick to something small, delicate and a light pastel colour. To finish this look off, I wore a pair of white chunky heels from New Look. A thick heel is always ideal if you want to wear a pair of heels while you are out and about outdoors. That means no more sinking into the ground when you walk across the grass. As well as this, the straps across the feet and around the ankles add extra support when walking across an uneven surface. This outfit is perfect if you're in a rush and want to look fabulous in a flash. You know the top and skirt perfectly match, then pop on a pair of plain white heels and you're ready to go!