This outfit is perfect for day-to-night wear. During the day, this outfit is a great way to stay casually while looking stylish. The sleeveless waistcoat is currently the height of high street fashion, and you will be able to find a rainbow of different colours in stores. I've personally gone for a waistcoat from Quiz as (yes, for obvious reasons) but this can easily be thrown into the washing machine as it could gain marks being white. All colours that you can buy this waistcoat in will be perfect for this summer season. I have gone for the simple white and black waistcoats, because quite frankly, you can't go wrong with those colours. 

To make this outfit suitable for the night time, simple pop on a pair of classic white heels. The heels featured in this post are from Miss Guided. Again, you can't go wrong with these. These simple white heels will go with pretty much any outfit, and as there isn't a lot of material around your foot, for me it's completely painless. That's exactly what I need when I'm dancing to the small hours of the morning. No pain during the night and my feet aren't still hurting when I roll up to work the next morning hungover. Smart, casual, day and night, I think I will be wearing this outfit quite a lot!