The good thing about being in the countryside is that we have views like this as soon as we step out the door. Although we love living away in the big city, it is always nice to come back home to these views. Late on a Sunday afternoon, we decided to head off to see the horses. As it was quiet with only a farmer in sight, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to shoot.

Shopping in my local Tesco, I came across this cute jumper that I couldn't resist. As rabbits are my favourite animal (as well as pandas), I couldn't leave the shop without it. The rabbit on this jumper has a lovely fluffy texture and is covered in see-through sequins. This casual outfit is great for occasions such as strolling around with friends or if you want to look cute for that daytime date. Jeggings allows you to stay comfy if you are out and about for a long period of time. Finish this look with a pair of Uggs boots to prevent painful feet at the end of the day. Here I'm wearing Primark's version of Uggs which only cost £5. This is ideal for muddy strolls as you can through them out if needed to, which you can't do with the real versions.