Shooting in front of the world famous Colosseum was defiantly a dream of ours. Construction on this building started in 70 AD taking 10 years to complete. However it has been left partly ruined due to a devastating earthquake and stone-robbers. The 2000 film 'Gladiator' was inspired from the history that occurred within this building including gladiatorial events and battle re-enactments. 

This outfit can be warn on both a night out or during a more formal event such as a work do. It is ideal for women who are more confident about their bottom half of their body rather than their top half. Whether someone has tummy or bust insecurities, the ruffles will hide all by distracting the eye to look at the detail of the top. Colour mixing and blocking also works well in this outfit as long as you choose carefully when picking colours. Here I've picked a simple black heel to match the black spots within the top. In addition to this I have chosen a bright red nail vanish to add more colour.

TOP - River Island / SKIRT - New Look / SHOES - New Look