So here it is, Elle Petite's first travel adventure! We touched down in Rome, Italy on a Saturday afternoon excited to see what this beautiful city had to offer. After dodging the crazy traffic with our suitcases, and trying not to forget that they drive on the other side of the road, we made it to our lovely hotel. A much needed night out was in order as our day had been fulled with trains, planes and tube rides. What better way was there to relax with a couple of cocktails while looking at the beautiful sites and hot Italian men!

This body con dress allows a simple LBD look from the front with all the dramatic detail and neon colours at the back. A bright coloured statement necklace could be added to this outfit, preferably to match one of the colours on the back, to make the dress look less plain from the front. You may also notice from looking at the pictures above we like to indulge in the Estee Lauder counters. Their luxurious skincare and cosmetics collections may be a tad pricey, but they are a good investment for great looking skin. Also, I've been a fan of Bed Head lip products since receiving a few of these in a gift bag at my first Clothes Show Live over 10 years ago. Even though at the time people my age had only started wearing a little bit of make-up, I was performing on stage on a regular occasion so it was great for show make-up. 
DRESS - New Look / SHOES - New Look / MAKE-UP - Estee Lauder, Bed Head and Maybelline